Saturday, February 10, 2007


Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110

Creative Zen V Plus 4GB Digital Multimedia Device - Audio Player, Video Player, Audio Recorder, Voice Recorder, FM Tuner, Photo Viewer - 1.5" OLED - 4GB Flash Memory -70PF2072001Y1
List Price:$179.99
You Save: $50
Final Price:$129.99
Description :
Product GuidesDigital MusicThe ZEN V Plus player was designed for people like you - those who walk a step or two ahead of the pack. So don't be surprised when people take notice of your cool, colorful music, photo and video player. Tell them you carry up to 2,000 songs with you. Tell them you can watch video on the go. Show them just a handful of the photos you've stored on the pocket sized powerhouse. And tell them there's even more but they'll have to get their own.

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