Monday, March 19, 2007


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KWorld NTSC/ATSC QAM USB 2.0 TV Tuner & Recorder - PC-KW-ATSC-315U
Final Price:$84.99
Description :
Audio-Visual RecreationWith KWorld ATSC 315U USB2.0 Box, you can really enjoy watching (or recording) Digital HDTV (ATSC) / Analog TV (NTSC System) on your computer or laptop. In addition, you can even hook it up to your home video entertainment system through the additional AV and S-Video input.ATSC 315U HDTV TV Box not only includes a multi-function TotalMedia application but also includes a fully featured Infrared Remote Control. Using Remote Control lets user access every feature by simplified operation, especially shutting off PC by the remote control.Supports ATSC 8VSB and QAMBesides watching free-to-air digital TV (8VSB), you can watch unencrypted cable channels (both 64 and 256 QAM) even without a separate digital STB.

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