Saturday, November 29, 2008


Avermedia AVerTV Hybrid Volar MAX TV Tuner -MTVHBVMXR

Avermedia AVerTV Hybrid Volar MAX TV Tuner -MTVHBVMXR
List Price:$89.99
You Save: $45
Final Price:$44.99
Description :
With the ability to receive Digital HD TV signal, Analog TV signal and FM Radio, AVerTV Hybrid Volar MAX completely fulfills users' entertainment needs. With full support of Microsoft Media Center (Windows XP or Windows Vista based), AVerTV Hybrid Volar Max convert your desktop or laptop into the ultimate entertainment center.Furthermore, users can also enjoy watching Unencrypted Digital Cable "Clear" QAM support by simply connecting the coaxial cable into the AVerTV Hybrid Volar MAX to watch unencrypted digital contents with AVer MediaCenter application.

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