Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Black & Decker Pocket Power Backup Battery Pack #CP120B

Black & Decker Pocket Power Backup Battery Pack #CP120B
List Price:$49.99
You Save: $39
Final Price:$10.99
Description :
Black & Decker introduces the new Pocket Power, a compact portable source with rechargeable backup battery that powers and recharges personal electronics while on the go. The new Pocket Power simultaneously powers and recharges mobile electronic devices such as cell phones, BlackBerry/PDAs, MP3-like devices, digital cameras, camcorders and more when a household AC power outlet is not available. The Pocket Power will provide up to five hours extended runtime for personal electronics. With its slim profile design the Pocket Power is thin enough to conveniently fit into an average size jacket pocket, or be tucked away into a briefcase or purse. Take the Pocket Power with you on business or away from home to have the confidence and convenience of power when you need it for your portable personal electronics...

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